Hi there! I'm Molly.

I live on a farm in South East Ohio with the love of my life, Scott. He literally danced his way into my heart & I thank God every day that he did. My life changed forever the day we said "I do" and I got to be a mother to three wonderful kids. Life has never been boring around here! Our family continues to grow with two kids getting married, as well as adding three grandsons to our crazy crew. You can bet those little fellas have us ALL wrapped around their little fingers! I also love to cook, and in my spare time, I write songs and sing with my family's band, Phase 2. Like I said, never boring!

One day I picked up an old camera I found laying around the house and everything just clicked! (pun totally intended...I'm here for all the dad jokes) I've always had a creative soul. Whether through art, music, design, food, or photography, I like to try new things and explore new possibilities. I love to create something unique and meaningful that catches that soul on fire. I can't wait to create an amazing experience for you!

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